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  • Would this project create additional fire danger?
    No. The project will utilize native planting and fire resistant planting per City requirements and guidelines.
  • What will happen during significant rain events?
    The Verdugo Wash would be closed in anticipation of significant rain events ensure safety of potential users. The design and materials used as part of the project would also be designed to withstanding flooding within the wash.
  • Will the path be safe?
    Yes. Much like any street in the city, the wash would be monitored by local police. The design will also consider and include safety features such as lighting and call box, while preserving access for emergency responders and appropriate vehicles.
  • How long has the city been working on this project?
    The city began work in mid 2021. While the route was identified as a potential route in the Bicycle Transportation Plan, visioning process did not begin until 2021.
  • What is a visioning process?
    This process allows for the understanding of what is possible. A project of this scope and scale would require many steps before realization, and this initial phase seeks to understand what kind of design and amenities could occur. The design will not be a final design, and will require feasibility studies and environmental review.
  • Has the city conducted public engagement?
    Yes. Public engagement is an ongoing process. Staff have met with neighborhoods along the wash and attended community meetings. There is also a multi-site engagement event scheduled for February 19th. The city is always interested in engaging with additional neighborhoods and community members and a meeting can be requested by emailing
  • How much would this project cost?
    That will be better understand after the visioning process will identify what is possible. The current visioning stage will cost $440,000, of which $200,000 of city funds will be used.
  • Would the path be closed at night?
    Yes. Much like all other city park facilities, the wash would be closed at night.
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